Pre-Registration only!!

Registration deadline is 9:00am Thursday June 10, 2021. Due to COVID-19 restrictions we need the time to cohort teams, buses, staff, and make alternative arrangements if necessary. We cannot have walk-ins and bus drivers cannot pickup any unregistered campers.

How? Who? When?

Boys and Girls 7-12 years of age (by end of year Dec 31, 2021)

·         Please NOTE **Six-year-old children may attend only if they have finished Grade one in the 2020-21 school year.

Day Camp for teens ages 13 - 16 will be August 16 - 20.

·         Register for ONE of the sessions, according to the bus route schedule for your area or when you are willing to drive.

·         If you are driving your children daily to camp you may choose whichever camp is convenient for your plans, campers must                      check into office daily.


Bus Routes

Please refer to the bus pick up locations on our website before completing this application. Due to summer safety concerns, these are our main pick-up points, very few exceptions may be arranged. Times will be confirmed at the time of registration confirmation (late June)


What to Bring

  • Shoes for sports and running

  • Hat

  • Sunscreen (due to COVID regulations we are not allowed to apply sunscreen this year but we will continue to encourage your camper to apply their own, please mark your camper's)

  • Modest one-piece or tankini (top meets bottom) bathing suit that fits

  • Towel

  • Warmer clothing for cooler days

  • A lunch (peanut free please!)

  • Tuck money will be sent ahead by e-transfer as we will not be handling cash this summer. Any amounts over $5 left on their tuck credit at the end of the week will be reimbursed. 

  • Water bottle. We are not allowed to use our water fountains this summer, please send a marked water bottle and if necessary they can be refilled at our drinking water refill station.

  • Masks. We plan to spend as much time as possible outdoors, distanced, and cohorted so that masks will be used at a minimum, however in case of rain your camper(s) will need several masks for the day. Please send a marked container (ie Ziploc bag) with enough masks for the day. Your camper(s) need to keep their masks safely in their bags while not wearing them as unfortunately lost and found masks will be discarded.

  • Backpack. Campers will be required to keep their belongings on them at all times due to COVID-19 regulations, please keep their belongings to a minimum and in a backpack that they can handle carrying to each activity all day. Please remember that they will often have a wet bathing suit partway through the day, if possible send something to keep the other items in their bag dry. We apologize for the inconvenience.

**Please mark your child’s belongings so that they can be returned if misplaced.**


Dress Code

Note:  We require that all campers dress modestly, considering the activities and sports programs they will be involved in...

The guidelines for unacceptable attire are as follows:

  • Clothing which displays alcohol or drugs

  • Offensive t-shirts/tops (inappropriate pictures/language)

  • Crop/halter/spaghetti strap/sheer/absolutely no low cut tops

  • Tops/shirts must meet top of shorts/pants (midriffs covered)

  • Shorts must be a modest length for active sports and activities

  • Modest Bathing Suits Only for Boys and Girls. Absolutely No bikinis (Your child will not be allowed to participate in lessons, free swim or other water activities even with a t-shirt covering)

What Not to Bring


Cell phones, i-pods, rings, watches, expensive sunglasses, money, wallets/purse, designer clothing, expensive hats, electronics etc… anything that may be misplaced or broken.



To enable every child in our community an equal opportunity to attend camp, no registration fee has ever been required.


The camp continues to be funded by free-will donations from individuals. (Tax- deductible receipts are issued)

Any gift is gratefully received.

We accept cash, cheques, e-transfers, or online through Canada Helps (see our donations page on the website).

Camp Confirmations

Once registration has closed we will confirm your registration along with team colour, bus pickup time and location, and any further directions including COVID-19 guidelines as they are rolled out to us! Please note that since our teams are cohorted together, changes will not be able to be made, there are further guidelines for this in the registration form. We are asking where possible that your camper(s) dress in the colour of their team for the first day of camp so that we can clearly see which team you are on.

Registration Process

We are using a new registration platform this year, we hope that it is something that we can use for years to come and will save your household some time over the years as well as improve the registration process for us!

You will need to set up a profile for your household including parents/guardians/campers. Once you set these up you shouldn't have to re-enter that from year to year and form to form. Please note this program uses email authentication for security not passwords. 


There are basically 3 short forms that you have to complete plus one for every additional camper.  The first one puts your whole family into the system as a household, the second gives all your family information and bus pickup etc, the third is specific child information (medical etc)


Form #1 When you click the link below you will be asked to complete your household profile. You will begin with adding yourself(parent/guardian) and then any other parent/guardian and all the children. Just keep clicking +AddChild until you have everyone entered.

Once you have completed that form you can submit it and then look on the top right hand corner of the page to click on "SignUps" to register. (will show up under hamburger menu ( ☰ ) on mobile devices) Select the camp session you would like to register for from the list. When you are ready click "register". You will have to enter your phone or email to get a code to complete your login. (this may take a few minutes and/or watch your spam)

Form #2  Once you have entered your code you can login as "your name"(parent). Under select participants, only choose your camper(s) to register. Complete the information for each camper. Once you submit this initial information it will let you know your balance, you can just select pay later so that you can pay by e-transfer as we prefer(please do not pay by credit card).  There is no charge for camp but you can add a t-shirt to your order (colour will match their team colour) and tuck money. You can update your tuck money up to the week before camp but t-shirts must be ordered and paid for by 9:00 am, June 10, 2021. As we receive your e-transfer we will credit your account so that it will no longer show a balance.

Form #3 In your final summary you will see any outstanding information. Each camper has an individual form that will need to be completed with medical information etc. Please click on each form under the name of each camper. As you look under your profile you will see any outstanding information needed or if your registration is complete. You will also receive email confirmations.

We hope that this will be a smooth process but if you have any issues at all please contact the camp and we will do our best to figure it out. When you click this link it should open in a new tab so that you can refer to these instructions in another tab while you go through the process.

(Feedback update- some have said that it is easier to do this process on a desktop/laptop than a phone. If you are having trouble on a mobile device, once you complete the first form you can download an app and sign in from there to try registering there. The app is called: Church Center App)