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Summer Camps



Root Camp is an outdoor adventure camp for boys ages    13-16 (by end of the calendar year).  Mornings at the Base Camp will be a balance between group discussions and  solo time for reflection.  As a camper, you will learn to apply the tools needed to develop a more mature relationship with God.
Afternoons will use a variety of wilderness adventures to help you learn important outdoor skills as well as an opportunity to practice living a Christ centered life. Real life application at Root Camp makes it easier to take what you learn home with you!
A typical schedule at Base Camp will include activities such as canoeing, fishing, orienteering, survival activities, adventure games, and group initiatives.
Root Camp is composed of the base camp component along with a 4 day canoe trip in Algonquin Park!
Date:   2024 to be confirmed
Cost:   2024 to be confirmed

2024 Registration in the spring
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