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  • Overnight Registration
    The fee is $350, some campers need full while others request partial sponsorship

  • Day Camp
    There is no registration fee for Day camp and that is a priority to stay that way!  However, we have calculated that the cost to bring a camper to Day Camp for a 2 week camp is about $200 (or $20/day) thanks to our volunteer team leaders, lifeguards, and bus drivers!

  • Summer Staff
    We have set up a Summer Staff Sponsorship program to allow older qualified program staff to be able to work at Graphite and to be able to earn money as their year round expenses increase.  This money will be shared among eligible participants..  In order to participate, staff must be chosen by our staff selection process for a leadership position; lifeguards with an NLS qualification are also eligible to participate. Those chosen will be at least 17 years old, be recommended for their leadership ability, and seeking post-secondary education or ministry.
    We cannot designate the funds directly to a summer staff member but we will use it towards covering the costs of their summer wages. Not every dollar collected by an individual goes directly to them, the money is shared equally among all eligible participants.  The wages will be split among all participants at an hourly rate up to $65
    00 total for a summer including both employee and employer applicable deductions.
    Any funds raised by early June will be designated for the participants for that year and any amounts above and beyond that will be put towards the next year’s summer staff. In order to support 6 - 10 team members, we would like to raise a minimum of $40,000.

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